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Gloversville Enlarged School District

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June 21, 2018

Academics at GLoversville Enlarged School District

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"Building a bright future for our community"

Gloversville offers a Pre-K-12 program designed to promote the academic and personal development of all students.

GESD is dedicated to educating the "whole child" and preparing students for successful careers and rewarding lives.

Common Core Standards

A parents guide to understanding the Common Core Standards.

GESD Education Standards

GESD's curriculum for each grade level is developed in accordance with the New York State standards for learning. Click on each area below to view the core standards:

The Arts

Career Development and Occupational Studies

English Language Arts

Health, Physical Education, and Family and Consumer Science

Languages other than English

Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education

Social Studies

GESD Grading Policy

District intituted a new grading policy in the 2012-13 school year and made further revisions to the policy for the 2013-14 school year. The new grading policy is aimed at making report card grades better reflect knowledge of course topic. Read the policy here.

New York State Report Cards

The New York State Education Department releases School Report Cards on every public school district in the state. Based on some key assessments taken by students in New York public schools, the report cards provide achievement data on districts and individual schools within those districts, as compared to their past years' performances to other similar schools. Report cards are released each spring based on the previous year. Click here to view the GESD's most current report card (NYSED link)

State initiative to raise student achievement

In July 2010, the New York State Education Department and the Board of Regents announced a change in the "cut scores" for the grades 3-8 assessments in an effort to raise student achievement. Under the state’s testing system, “cut scores” are used to classify students into one of four performance levels. Students at Level 1 are not meeting learning standards; those at Level 2 are partially meeting learning standards; pupils at Level 3 are meeting learning standards and those at Level 4 are meeting learning standards with distinction. SED has now raised the cut scores for Level 3, meaning students must achieve at higher levels than ever before in order to be considered proficient.

Academic Intervention Services

New York State mandates that all public school districts offer Academic Intervention Services (AIS) to any student who is falling behind in meeting state standards. Students are identified for AIS according to their performance on the state ELA, math, social studies and science exams in grades 4, 5, and 8. Gloversville students who score in Performance Levels 1 and 2 are eligible to receive AIS in the designated subject area.

Students are identified for AIS at all grade levels. The identification process is different for each level, but is always based on multiple measures:

1. Developmentally appropriate measures such as: Diagnostic assessments; Early reading assessments/literacy profiles; Assessment portfolios; Performance/demonstrations; and/or Assessments of content skills, concepts, and knowledge.

2. Tests of demonstrated technical quality such as: Standardized, norm-referenced tests (above grade three); Standardized, criterion-referenced tests; Other commercially-prepared assessments; and or Other measures that meet the standards contained in Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing (American Psychological Association.)

3. Review of: Classroom performance; report card grades; and/or Student Records.

4. Recommendations from teachers, administrators, counselors, other school staff, and parents. District may also adopt or approve the procedure in grades where there are State assessments, particularly to assist in determining the level of intensity needed for services.

English as a Second Language

Gloversville offers English language learners appropriate programming in English as Second Language (ESL) classes, at all grade levels K-12.

Special Education Programs and Services: Assisting all children

The Gloversville Enlarged School District provides individualized instruction, accommodation of alternative learning styles, appreciation for diversity and promotion of healthy lifestyles. The district has specialized programs to assist and support all children in meeting their highest potential.

For information regarding special education, visit the Special Education page or call 775-5796 for more information.

For information regarding Home Instruction and/or Home Tutoring visit the Office of Support Services page or call 775-5796.

Are you or someone you know homeless? All children have the right to attend school. For more information, click here or call 775-5796.

GESD Marking periods and Report Cards

Gloversville distributes three report cards per year for the elementary level. The middle and high school report cards are distributed four times a year as well as distributing interim reports four times a year. For a marking period/report card schedule for the current year, click here.

State Testing Dates

For information regarding the testing dates for elementary assessments and Regents exams, visit the New York State Department of Education Office of Assessment Policy, Development and Administration at:

SAT testing dates can be found here:

ACT testing dates can be found here:

More information

GESD District Office

234 Lincoln Street
Gloversville, NY  12078
(518) 775-5791
Fax: 725-8793

Director of Elementary Curriculum and Instruction

Lauri J. Kent,

Director of Secondary Curriculum and Instruction

James J. Wager,

Literacy Consultant

Helen Stuetzel,


Districtwide Chairpersons:

Honora Biche, K-12 Speech

John Ivancic, 6-12 Home & Careers/Technology/Business Department

Jason Harrod, K-12 Art

Ann Trojan, K-12 Music

Sheila Autilio, K-12 Guidance

Susanne Fitzgerald, Foreign Language

Christian Rohrs, ELA

Doral Lysiak, Mathematics

Danielle Lambert, Social Studies

Alison Siragusa, Science

Meredith Fancher, Special Education, 6-8

Shawn Cleland, Special Education, 9-12