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Gloversville Enlarged School District

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May 27, 2018

Gloversville BOard of EDucation

Role of the Board of Education

A nine-member Board of Education, elected by residents of the Gloversville Enlarged School District, is responsible for establishing policies and regulations governing public education in the district. Each member serves an unpaid, three-year term. Click here to read more about the state legal requirements for serving as a board member.

The members of New York's local school boards are an invaluable resource as local decision-makers. They respond to the respective needs of their communities, serving the interests of school children and preparing them for the future.

The men and women elected by the people of our community as members of the Gloversville school board devote many hours of service to public education and continually strive for improvement, quality, and progress in education. The Gloversville Enlarged School District members of the Board of Education merit recognition and commendation for their dedicated service to the people and children of our community.

Board meetings

Board meetings are open to the public and held at 6:30 p.m. in rotating locations. The location labeled "BOE Room" can be found in Central Administration, 234 Lincoln St.

Meeting Schedule

Meeting Agendas (BoardDocs)

Board of Education Mission, Vision and Goals

Board committee meetings

The board of education has five committees: Audit, Budget and Finance, Curriculum, Facilities and Policy. 

Addressing the Board

Persons wishing to address the Board of Education can do so during the "public comment" section at the beginning of the agenda. Speakers are requested to state their name and address and identify the organization, if any, they represent. Board policy (Policy #3220) allows a maximum of three minutes to address the board in order to provide an opportunity for others to speak.

Public comment provides a way for residents to address the Board of Education publicly. Residents wishing to "discuss" an issue or receive more information regarding a particular concern should contact a board member or a district administrator directly.

Board of Education elections

Elections are held each year on the third Tuesday in May.

Polls are open 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. in the Gloversville High School gymnasium and the Bleecker Town Hall. In the past, polling was conducted in the district's elementary schools, but in February 2014 the voting locations were consolidated to two locations. To learn more click here.

Board policies

GESD Board of Education policies: View the Gloversville Enlarged School District Policy Manual (adopted Dec. 2014)


More information

2017-18  Gloversville Board of Education Members

Robert Curtis, President

Mike Hauser, Vice President

Paula Brown-Weinstock

Kevin Kucel

John Lott

Sharon P. Poling

Jennifer Pomeroy

Vincent Salvione

Robin Walrath

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