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Gloversville High School

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May 27, 2018

High School Clubs & Activities

Importance Of Extracurricular Activities

Research shows that students who are involved in school activities are academically more successful. Participation allows students and teachers to interact on a more personal level than the classroom allows.

Available Clubs and Activities at GHS:

Jazz Band

This group performs at school related, community, and charitable activities. Practices are held at times outside the school day. Jazz Band membership is selective, limited first to qualified currently enrolled band members and then to qualified students who are not registered in the band program. Instructor: Mr. Savage

Key Club

The Key Club is a school and community service organization that participates in projects designed to assist both our school and community. Advisor: Ms. Poulin


This activity fosters a spirit of competition among students by engaging them in a scholastic trivia competition that covers all areas of school curriculum. The top contenders compete as a team in a College Bowl-type competition with other schools from the Capital District. Advisor: Mr. Martin

National Honor Society

The National Honor Society, or NHS, is a nationwide organization established to recognize outstanding high school students in the US. NHS serves to honor well-rounded students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of Character, Leadership, Scholarship and Service. NHS members are active in community service activities both in the community and within the school district. Membership is by invitation only to those juniors and seniors that qualify and are selected by a faculty committee. All active members are required to maintain high academic standing and participate in individual as well as NHS sponsored service projects.

POP (Positive Options Program)

POP is a student group formed through collaboration between ASAPP's Promise and Gloversville High School. Its members are committed to using their time, energy, and influence to help their peers and the community make the best choices possible. POP engages people in activities that are both enjoyable and informative, to encourage healthy decisions about drugs, alcohol, gambling, and many other issues faced by people of all ages.


Students audition for parts and put on drama productions in the fall and spring. There is a stage crew that is also involved with the productions. Advisor: Mrs. Pepper

Student Government Association (SGA)

SGA is the student governing body at GHS. It serves as a liaison among the administration, faculty, and student body. SGA has representatives elected by each class and a large number of representatives-at-large from each class. The bi-monthly meetings of SGA are open to everyone, and students are encouraged to attend. Advisor: Ms. Catchpole

Student Library Assistants

Any student in grades 9 - 12 who is interested in becoming a member of the library staff should see the librarian. Some of the duties include charging out books, shelving books, stamping new magazines, running errands, and assisting the librarian in clerical tasks. Librarian: Mrs. Bengle

Student Newspaper

The "Paw Prints" is published on-line throughout the year. Students serve in various roles as reporters, photographers, and editors. Advisor: Ms. Poulin

Yearbook - "Oracle"

The staff all work hard together to create the challenges of style and content. Hard workers are needed for the promotions staff which sells advertising and book orders. Good photographers are also in demand. Advisor: Melissa Catania, Sue Stein.

Winter Guard

This co-ed club features a competitive color guard. The club is comprised of a performance team and a floor crew. The club meets after school. The floor crew travels with the team to set up equipment, props and a vinyl performance tarp. The performance team practices outside of school hours from November to April to learn how to execute a choreographed performance that fuses dance elements with spinning/tossing flags, prop rifles and prop sabers. The group performs and competes at other schools in Winter Guard meets, as well as marching in parades. Winter Guard membership is open to any student in grades 9-12 who wishes to join. Director: Ms. Kari Laubscher