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May 27, 2018

High school Graduation requirements  

Graduation Requirements

I. Course Requirements

Required Core Subject Regents Diploma Advanced Regents Diploma
English 4 units 4 units
Social Studies 4 units 4 units
Mathematics 3 units 3 units
Science* 3 units 3 units
Second Language 1 unit 3 units
Music and/or Art 1 unit 1 unit
Health 1/2 unit 1/2 unit
Physical Education 2 units 2 units
Electives/Sequence 4 units 2 units


*Living Environment must be included, two of these courses must culminate with a regents.
Physical Education: All students must pass Physical Education each marking period in which they are enrolled in school, up to 2 credits. Students who graduate in less than four years will have the physical education requirement reduced on a prorated basis. Physical Education will be counted as part of the 22 1/2 units required for graduation.

II. Sequence Requirements

Sequence requirements are met through course requirements. A student seeking an advanced designation diploma must complete one of the following:

• A language other than English (total of 3 credits)
• Occupational Education (5 credits), plus 1 credit in a language other that English
• The arts (5 credits), plus 1 credit in a language other than English

III. Testing Requirements

A. REGENTS DIPLOMA - Regents Examinations in:
• Comprehensive Examination in English
• Comprehensive Examination in a Second Language*
• Mathematics - courses used to meet the three-unit diploma requirement
• Science - courses used to meet the three-unit diploma requirement
• U.S. History and Government
• Global Studies

Three- or five-unit Sequences - any course in which there is a Regents exam.

Occupational Education - Students pursuing an occupational education sequence must pass all proficiency exams in that sequence.

* Students who seek an Advanced Designation Diploma and who pursue a five-unit sequence in art, music or occupational education will be exempt from the second language requirement, provided they substitute another three-unit sequence in place of the second language core requirement.

REGENTS DIPLOMA - Regents Tests in:
(Passing score of 65 or above)
Comprehensive Examination in English
Global History & Geography
US History & Government
Science Regents
Math A Regents

(Same as Regents Diploma and:)
2nd Regents in Science
Math B Regents
Second Language Regents*
*see exception noted in sequence requirements


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