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January 19, 2018

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PawPrints Online Newspaper Spotlights Students' Writing, Photos and More

The PawPrints online newspaper showcases work submitted by Gloversville High School students. Submissions will be posted to this Web page throughout the year. Check back regularly for the latest great work.


November  2015

By Andrea Balogh

Is Cheerleading A Sport?

cheerleading teamWhile cheerleaders are called a variety of names, “athlete” is still not one of them. According to, the definition of a sport is as follows: an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. If anyone has ever seen a cheerleading competition (even if it was just the movie Bring It On), you know that cheer competitions are actually extremely intense. Read more









By Taylor Wadsworth

10 Things You Must See on Your Trip to Italy and Greece

Over the summer, I was fortunate to be able to go on a two week trip through Italy and Greece with a group of my fellow classmates, some parents, Mr. Giglio, and Mrs. Autilio. Read more


By Sam Poulin

One Day

A poem. Read more


October  2014

By Kiara Kruger

Catcher's Relevancy, a reaction paper

That Holden Caulfield, he's a real nice kid and all, but he's having trouble finding his way. Everything in the world is so crumby to him; it's hard to find anything he truly likes. Read more


By Alex Miller

Two Little Girls

A poem. Read more

By Matthew Helou

Optimus Magister de Anno

I would like to congratulate one of our outstanding teachers we are privileged to have in our school system, Magister Giglio (Magister=teacher in Latin). I am certain that most of the residents in our community and school are well aware of the news we heard on Sept. 16 about “Mr. G” Read more

By Jazmyn Eberts

Concussion 101, a blog

A sport is a way for us to leave everything behind. Every day, we are stressed with keeping our grades up and doing well on a test. It can be overwhelming and exhausting to continue to keep up our grades and hold our heads high when the expectations are so exasperating. Read more


April  2014

By Caroline Bakyta

25 Things To Do When You Ditch Prom

It’s not the end of the world if you don’t go to prom. After all it’s not for everyone. Read more

By Jillian Christiano

Are you hungry?

Doctor Hannibal Lecter is. Season two of NBC’S Hannibal has just begun, and nobody is more excited than the fans. Read more


By Cameron Wager

Early Retirement in the NFL

Recently a former Steeler and a player I looked up to greatly, Rashard Mendenhall, stated that he is going to be retiring before the start of the NFL season at the age of 26. Read more


By Anna

Everything I’m Not

Kate Moss once said, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” As toxic as this phrase is, it has inspired thousands of “proanna” and “thinspo” websites each one influencing young men and women. Although the ideas associated with anorexia disgusts some, the ideas of bones, thigh gaps, and a number on the scale appeals to others greatly. I was one of those people. Read more


By Anonymous

The Night of Nights

A poem. Read the poem 

By Bailey Pieniazek

Welcome to the 75th Annual Hunger Games

As many of you probably know, the second book in The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins, Catching Fire, came out on DVD Friday, March 7th. Coming for someone who read the actual book, I was very surprised to see how well the movie followed the book. Read the poem 

By Aleah Barksdale

Reflection Of A Poem By Langston Hughes

ReLangston Hughes refers to dead dreams as a life with no purpose. Clearly that isn't true. You see, with time, people change, with this dreams change too. Read more


March 2014

By Ryan Stead

Kind of Like Snow

A poem. Read the poem 

By Sierra Vining and Bre Evan

Funny Limericks

Read limericks 

By Ryan Roy

Making Change

The potential for a one hundred dollar bill and the possibilities of what may be in its future are innumerable, as are mine. Read more 

By Emily Denmark

The Biebs Goes to Court

If anybody cares to remember, Justin Bieber was once a grateful, respectful kid. Read more

By Kendra St. Andrews

Colorado, Swimming in the 'Green'

Twenty states in American and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for medical usage, and two of these states, Colorado and Washington, have legalized this drug for recreational usage. Read more


December 2013

By Caroline Bakyta

Holiday shopping tips

With the holiday season coming up, many teens struggle with the problem of what to get their parents for Christmas. Read the story 

By Chris Warsaw

JFK assassination conspiracies

About fifty years ago, United States President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in public. Ever since this event has occurred, many books have been written about his death. Read the story 

By Jessica Clet

The devastation in the Philippines

According to “Typhoon Creates Health Crisis in the Philippines,” by Jen Christensen, an article on, 4.2 million people have been affected by the Philippine disaster. Read the story 

By Patty Bateholtz

My demons whisper

A poem. Read the poem 

November 2013

By Kelsey Barkley

Batkid saves the day

When we are children, we always have that one wish that we want to come true. It may be to meet your favorite character or to be the king of the world. In Miles Scott’s case, he wanted to be Batman for a day. Read more 

By Destiny Armstrong

There is a place that I know

A poem. Read the poem

By Alex Rose

I Am

 A poem. Read the poem

By Caryn Curtis

Self hatred in our generation

Negative self-image is something I’ve noticed far too often in my generation. Read more

By Angela Veeder

Welcome Mr. Bye!

As many of you know, we have a new addition to Gloversville High School this year. Read more

October 2013

By Cheyenne Brick

Mrs. McCue, a Teacher Who Cares

I know of an inspiring teacher in Gloversville High School.I recently interviewed her and got some interesting information. Read more 

By Alex Rose

Music Inspires

A poem. Read the poem 

By Renielle Santander

The Path Taken

Never in my whole life did I imagine living in a place where I only know less than 10 people. It was spring of 2012 when I arrived in Gloversville, New York. Read more

By Aleah Barksdale

25 Things to do With The Catcher in the Rye Instead of Reading It

Over the summer, we were asked to read The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger for English class. Sometimes summer reading is not fun, so if you’re bored here are a few things you can do to pass the time if asked to read this book. Read more


By Alex Rose

Let’s Start a Color Guard

Gloversville High School has a wide variety of sport programs for the student body, for example we have football, soccer, field hockey, baseball, etc. However, not all students are in a school sport and wish that they had more options for them to choose. Read more


By Ryan Stead

Nature's Ballad

A poem. Read the poem

By Alex Bielli

Game Time

A poem. Read the poem 

By Quentin Reynolds

The Golden Grass of Broskiland

Broskiland is a small peace-loving country, located in the Atlantic Ocean near the United States. Read more 

By Chris Town

The Life of Football

During football season, most people just see the team on under the Friday night lights. Whether it is a win or a loss, that’s what everyone sees, yet that’s not all we do. Read more 

By Ryan Roy

"N-Word" Controversy

Can words be hurtful? There are many words in the English language that are too often used to offend someone. Read more 

By Cassie Battistini

When Will it Get Better?

A poem. Read the poem 

By Cameron Wagar

Winter to Winter: An Ode to Holden Caulfield from The Catcher in the Rye

A poem. Read the poem 

By Rachel Bruckman

The Battle Between Good and Evil

In light of Lord of the Flies, Good versus evil is one of the most controversial topics there. Read more

By Justin Putnam

Natural Beauty

A poem. Read the poem 

By Ryan Roy

Lord of the Flies is Still Relevant

Not all novels and stories are able to remain relevant as time goes on. Read more

By Jillian Christiano and Bailey Pieniazek

Don't Tread on Me

Gun violence is a large issue among Americans today. Many are strong believers of the Second Amendment, and others are against the thought of gun possession and usage at all. The debate is running strong among American citizens and government officials. Read more

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