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April 29, 2016


Posted 2/26/14

District consolidates polling places to two locations

The Gloversville Enlarged School District Board of Education voted Tuesday, Feb. 25, to consolidate its polling places to two locations— one at Gloversville High School and one at Bleecker Town Hall.

“This move enhances student safety by limiting public access to our schools,” Superintendent Michael Vanyo said. “With the dedicated, secure entrances to the GHS gymnasium, it’s the ideal location to conduct polling.”

In the past, the district has operated six polling places — five at the elementary schools and one at Bleecker Town Hall.

Residents who previously voted at the elementary schools for all district-related voting will now go to the Gloversville High School gymnasium. The high school has its own entrances, so voters will not be able to enter other parts of the school. The site’s ample parking also makes it an ideal location for voting.

Hosting voters at the high school provides an opportunity for Participation in Government students to be more involved in the process.

A total of seven voting machines have been used in the past, but only up to four voting machines — three in the high school and one at Bleecker Town Hall —will be necessary.

Having two polling places eliminates confusion over where district residents vote and reduces the number of poll workers, a nominal savings for the district.

The new voting process will be implemented for the 2014 school budget vote and board of education election.