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May 27, 2018


Posted 12/7/15

Glove to Glove program offers students college, career mentors, information

The "Glove to Glove" Career Exploration Program has established a network of alumni and other community members to serve as career and college mentors and has begun pairing them with Gloversville students.Rachel Brown-Weinstock

The Glove to Glove alumni database and mentor program was created in 2014 by GHS Class of 2013 valedictorian Rachel Brown-Weinstock, who is a student at Syracuse University.

More than 80 people have signed on as mentors for current Gloversville students. The mentors’ years of graduation from GHS range from 1961-2012, and their careers vary widely. Among the mentors’ careers are a registered nurse, a software salesperson, a clinical social worker, a human resources manager, a meteorologist, a professional musician, an X-ray technologist, an actress, a network engineer, a counselor in psychiatric rehabilitation, an interior designer, an air traffic controller, a commercial photographer, a book publisher, an attorney and an accountant. A list of the mentors can be found at

More than 20 recent Gloversville High School graduates have signed on to serve as college mentors. Rachel Brown-Weinstock

In addition to working directly with their student mentees, the mentors also are visiting classes to present information about their college and career journeys. This includes visits to Home and Careers classes at Gloversville Middle School. “Hopefully these presentations will not only be educational, but also encourage students to apply for a mentor,” Brown-Weinstock said.

Through its website, Glove to Glove also offers job shadow and internship opportunities to students and a section in which parents can submit questions to mentors about college and careers.

Gloversville High School students are encouraged to visit to learn more and to apply to be paired with a mentor. Students also must have their parent/guardian sign a waiver form. Download the form here.

Alumni and Gloversville-area community members who did not attend Gloversville schools who are interested in participating in the program also are invited to visit to learn more and to apply to become a mentor.

In the photos: Rachel Brown-Weinstock presents a "day in the life of a college student" to middle school students in Julie Devine's Home and Careers class as part of their career exploration unit.