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May 27, 2018


Posted 10/15/16

GHS recognizes Academic Titans

Gloversville High School Friday, Oct. 15, recognized 55 "Academic Titans" at the school.

An Academic Titan is a student who achieved a grade-point average of 90 or better the previous school year.

Friday's ceremony recognized sophomores, juniors and seniors. Students were all called on stage in the school auditorium before the student body, given academic letters and pins and a personal congratulations by High School Principal Dr. Richard DeMallie.

The event’s keynote speaker was Boulevard Elementary School Principal Thomas Komp.

Those earning Academic Titan honors are listed below.

Mikayla Becker, Cameron Biche, Rebecca Brown-Weinstock, Zoe Cantelupe, Echo Carey, Paula Coleman, Natalie DelCostello, Madison Fancher, Michael Focacci, Ckailea Kewley, Charli Morgan, Jackson Peck, Samuel Poulin, Quentin Reynolds, Jasmine Rousseau, Kayli Stead, Alexandra Vincent, Taylor Wadsworth, Robert Ward and Katelyn Zarrelli

Elizabeth Ashe, Lindsay Brockhum, Destin Brooker, Maria Danise, Devina Eberts, Kristina Fosmire, William Galster, Alyssa Henley, Gabrielle Langley, Jared Malagisi, Rebecca McCall, Trevor Mee, Courtney Quackenbush, Reanna Stewart, Gabrielle Strait and Jennifer Vickery

Sebah Alak, Evan Barker, Noah Batease, Kayla Blanton, Samantha Blowers, Matthew Butkevitch, Jenna Carbone, John-Paul Clet, Nikeanna Coger, Autumn Hardman, Nina Lomanto, Asher Lopresti, Harmony Philo, Sierra Roy, Nalysia Santiago, Ryan Smith, Taina Tirse, Bryanna Whitman and Isabelle Willis.

GHS Senior Academic Titans pose for a photo

Senior Academic Titans

GHS Junior Academic Titans pose for a photo.

Junior Academic Titans

GHS Freshmen Academic Titans pose for a photo

Sophomore Academic Titans