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Gloversville Enlarged School District

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May 27, 2018


Posted 12/23/16

Kingsborough playground to be removed, expansion options considered for remaining playground

As a result of safety concerns, the Gloversville Enlarged School District will permanently close and remove the larger of the two playgrounds at the Kingsborough Elementary School.

According to Superintendent of Schools Michael B. Vanyo, the district is reviewing options to expand the remaining playground at the school during the upcoming capital project approved by voters last year.

This fall, engineers working on the capital project assessed the district's elementary school playgrounds. The engineers noted the need for minor playground repairs at Boulevard, McNab, Meco and Park Terrace, and GESD Buildings and Grounds staff have begun making those repairs. At Kingsborough, however, engineers said repairs weren’t possible and recommended removal of the playground on the west side of the school, which was closed in October pending the safety review.

“There is money earmarked in the capital project for playground equipment and repairs,” Superintendent of Schools Michael B. Vanyo said. “While the closed playground will not be completely replaced, the district is currently considering expanding the smaller playground behind Kingsborough to provide additional equipment.”

As the district considers the options for the Kingsborough playground, additional activities will be available for students at recess, and the smaller playground will remain in use.