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Gloversville Enlarged School District

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June 21, 2018


Posted 2/8/18

Clarification on GHS graduation rate

You may have seen an article in the Feb. 8 Daily Gazette comparing graduation rates among area high schools for students who began ninth grade in September 2013 and graduated by June 2017. The newspaper report contains conflicting information about Gloversville High School’s graduation rate. A chart that accompanies the article lists the GHS graduation rate at 66 percent, however, the article cites a lower rate of 63 percent for 2017.

Based on data from the New York State Department of Education, Gloversville’s graduation rate for June 2017 is 66 percent, which represents an uptick from June 2016 when the graduation rate was 63 percent. The opposite, however, was reported in the Gazette, which reversed the sets of data for those two years, and incorrectly described the GHS 2017 graduation rate as a decrease from the prior year. [The online version of the Gazette article has since been corrected.]

Additionally, the State Education Department data shows that Gloversville’s graduation rate increases to 70 percent when considering students completing high school in August 2017.

District officials note that there is still work to do to raise graduation rates, which is a goal in the district’s strategic plan.