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Gloversville Enlarged School District

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May 27, 2018

Role of the school district and bus drivers



Role of the School District

The school will adhere to the Code of Conduct and discipline policy as set forth in the Student Handbook.

The school bus driver will conduct drills on school buses three times throughout the school year in the bus zone at school. Students are required to cooperate in these drills.

Follow the direction of the school personnel in charge of the bus zone; this is for the safety of students as well as vehicles.

The school has the right to regulate and restrict parking on school property. Please do not unload students in your vehicle in the bus zones. Passing a stopped school bus even on school grounds is a violation of New York State Vehicle and Traffic law section 1174.

Role of the School Bus Drivers

The driver will maintain order on the bus and be in charge of discipline. If there is a problem let the driver know immediately so it can be corrected.

The driver will assign seats and generate a seating chart.

The driver will maintain the bus and keep it clean. Please cooperate with your driver in this matter.

The driver will instruct and be in charge of conducting bus drills.

The driver has been instructed to use his or her discretion as to impassable roads caused by inclement weather.

When school bus drivers note a violation of the school bus safety rules the driver fills out the report stating the facts of the incident to the best of their knowledge, the report is then turned in to the Transportation Supervisor, who in turn sends it to the building principal who determines any further action to be taken. The bus driver does not decide the punishment