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MR.  DECKER'S HOME PAGE-7th and 8th Grade Phone#775-5720
Contact me through e-mail at:
  Mr. Decker is always available for parents. Contact me via e-mail and or by phone at the Middle School

Periods  is English Language Arts Journeys Books A-C

The Journeys program is a helpful new program that assist students with learning disabilities. It a guided reading program to assist students that are below grade level in basic reading fluency and comprehension..
                                                                                                                                                             Period  Math Class                                                                                             This year we will be  working on level 2 and level 3of the Saxon Math program.                                                                                     
Period  Science Class Earth Science: Rocks, The Solar System: Planets, Seasons, Faces of the Moon, etc.....

Period  Social Studies The turn of the century. World Wars I and II, The Great Depression, Industrial Revolution, Roaring 20's, etc...


Period 4 Academic Intervention Services (AIS) Class
For any questions about students academic progress and present projects and or assignments, feel free to click on the appropriate link to the left or call me at the middle school 775-5720.
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