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Gloversville Enlarged School District

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May 27, 2018

FM Bound

FM Bound Raises Expectations

FM Bound was created to instill in Park Terrace Elementary students the goal of going to college and then providing the finances that will help them to achieve that dream. According to a recent study by the University of Michigan and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the longer a child lives in an impoverished neighborhood, the greater the risk that they won’t graduate from high school. With a free and reduced lunch rate of over 90 percent, graduating from high school and going on to college means breaking the bonds of poverty for these students and their families.

Throughout the school year, Park Terrace partners with Fulton-Montgomery Community College faculty and staff to provide college awareness programming for both students and parents as they progress through elementary school. This partnership provides students with a variety of opportunities including a science fair, a career fair, and a field trip to FM which introduces them to college life and gives depth to their educational experience.

By planning school events in conjunction with FM, our families begin to see college as a real option for their children. And with college as a goal, graduating from high school becomes a given. The bonds between Park Terrace and our students are strong. Once in high school, students are invited back to Park Terrace to hear about how a college education can be financed. When they graduate from high school, their success is celebrated with a dinner and the hanging of their autographed senior portraits in the lobby of Park Terrace.

FM Bound Raises Money to Meet Those Expectations

You can help support the dreams of a Park Terrace student with a tax-deductible donation to FM Bound. These funds will be invested by the Foundation of FM for availability to the Park Terrace Alumni who choose to attend FM. Your donation might be the one that makes all the difference to the student who has received partial aid or has no other resources to cover college expenses. Thanks in advance for helping to rewrite a Park Terrace student’s life story.

For questions call Park Terrace principal Brian DiPasquale at (518) 775-5750.

GHS seniors visit Park Terrace

GHS seniors return to Park Terrace for a visit.

Members of the Gloversville High School Class of 2015, all graduates of the Park Terrace Elementary School, return to the school for a visit and to hang their pictures in the Park Terrace lobby.