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Park Terrace Elementary School

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May 27, 2018

Park Terrace counseling services

Welcome to the Park Terrace Counseling Services

Consistent with the philosophy of education, elementary school counseling concerns itself with children in the developmental process of maximizing their potential. Particular attention and time needs to be given in the educational program of young children to provide training and opportunities to learn decision-making skills. Individuals make the choices and decisions that ultimately determine their behavior and their learning.

Our counselor is available for consultation with staff, parents, and outside agencies, as well as through the child study process.

School psychological services and school social work services are available to Park Terrace students on a regular basis. Please contact our school counselor if you are requesting these services.

Our School Counselor, works with children in the following ways:

square bulletClassroom guidance lessons

square bulletGroup counseling with specific focuses, ie., social skills, family alcoholism, violence, conflict resolution, self-esteem, abuse, friendship groups, etc.

square bulletIndividual counseling

square bulletParents' Page, a monthly newsletter for parents

Character Education

The School Counselor visits each classroom weekly to facilitate discussions concerning the “Word of the Month” utilizing books, role-plays, and cooperative learning groups. The traits explored include:







Parents can find the word of the month on our website or Parents’ Page Newsletter and encourage their children to share what they have learned. Information is shared throughout Park Terrace via posters, word-of-mouth, and class discussions. The students have been working hard to define, practice, recognize and promote good character, but they are not alone.

We have had tremendous support from multi-disciplinary teachers, staff, and parents. Character education has extended beyond the initial lesson to musical selections, art projects, and PE activities as well as interactions in our halls, playgrounds, and homes. Please watch for suggestions for reinforcement at home or feel free to call!

To become involved in any of the above programs, contact Gina Ciaccio at 775-5757.

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