What is P.B.I.S?

P.B.I.S. means Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports.  At Boulevard, we practice the 3Bs:

Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful

We celebrate the success of our students in these three areas with P.B.I.S Rewards.  Each month, there is either a school-wide reward (usually a fun live performance), or a classroom reward (determined by each team). Students have to earn their way to these rewards with white tickets, given by teachers for following the 3Bs.  (In classrooms that use the point system, white tickets are earned with points.)

Students can also earn colored tickets from staff members for following the 3Bs.  These tickets are turned in each week and a drawing is held. Winners from each team get to go to Mr. Headwell’s prize box!

Does everyone get tickets?

Rewards are earned (just like in life!).  The only students who aren’t invited to P.B.I.S. Rewards are those without enough tickets (which almost never happens), or those with major referrals.

So if my child has a major referral, they can’t go to a P.B.I.S. Reward?

Not necessarily, your child may choose a restorative justice option if it is offered to him or her.  Because we are trying to support positive behavior, your child will be given an opportunity to earn back a P.B.I.S. Reward by selecting and performing a task that needs to be done at school for three recesses.  A sheet will be sent home to notify you if your child has chosen to participate in a restorative justice activity.


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