New York State Standards

  • Students will be knowledgeable about the world of work, explore career options, and relate personal skills, aptitudes, and abilities to future career decisions.
  • Students will demonstrate how academic knowledge and skills are applied in the workplace and other settings.
  • Students will demonstrate mastery of the foundation skills and competencies essential for success in the workplace.
  • All business courses meet the New York Standards. A five-credit business sequence can be used as a substitution for the additional two credits of foreign language needed for an Advanced Designation Diploma.

Course Offerings


1/2 Credit – Half Year Course

(A required class for all students looking to substitute a foreign language with a business sequence)

In this class, students will learn and use material that has the possibility to change and/or improve their lives. Students will explore topics such as taxes, workplace environments, job searches, and resumes, maintain bank accounts, credit cards, career paths, problem solving and the economy. For each topic, students will learn the core material and then be provided with real-world examples such as The Apprentice, tax forms, job applications and topic related movies.


1/2 Credit – Half Year Course

This class introduces students to the importance of marketing as it applies to Food, Entertainment and Fashion Marketing in today‘s world. Students will first learn the basics of marketing and then explore various areas. The learning environment within this class will be hands-on and project-based. The material will be supplemented by videos, movies and projects. This is a vital class for anyone thinking about a future in any business field.


1/2 Credit- Half Year Course
Prerequisite: Introduction to Marketing

This is a unique and innovative course designed for students with an interest in the sports and entertainment industry. This course stresses the utilization of fundamental marketing concepts and will include an orientation to the sports and entertainment industry. Marketing strategies along with topics in sponsorship, pricing, marketing research, endorsements, and promotions will be part of this course. It is a very creative course, calling upon creativity and artistic ability and applying those elements to the world of marketing.


1/2 Credit- Half Year Course
College credit: Fulton Montgomery Community College (CIS 105)

The course provides an introduction to microcomputers and end-user system/application software. The microcomputer is demonstrated as a tool to support other academic or professional disciplines. Topics include operating systems, word processing, spreadsheets, presentation, database and web page design software. Internet related applications are also used. The Microsoft Office Suite is the focus of the course. Open to juniors and seniors only.

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