These courses demand superior achievement in all skills and content. They require consistent excellence of performance on written and oral work and necessitate the ability to synthesize, analyze, apply, and universalize concepts and content. Honors courses challenge the student to delve deeply into content to satisfy intellectual curiosity, draw conclusions, formulate hypotheses independently, and make connections between new and old material. They emphasize independent study beyond the realm of classroom work.


Math and Second Language

Students will continue to be accelerated from 8th grade.


Students who have successfully completed Honors Earth Science in 8th grade will be placed in Honors Living Environment.

Language Arts/Social Studies:

Must meet three criteria:

  • 8th Grade State Assessment of high 3 or 4 with teacher recommendation.
  • 8th Grade average in Social Studies or Language Arts must be 90 or above.
  • Successfully complete a writing sample.


Any student who does not have at least an 80 average in their 8th grade class will be ineligible for honors placement.
– If a student has an 80–89 average in their 8th grade class, they may be placed in

Honors if the following criteria is met:

  • Writing sample as noted above.
  • If student’s 5 week average is below an 80, parent conference will be held.
  • If student’s 1 st quarter average is below 80, student will be removed from class.
  • Student must adhere to Honors conduct code.


  • Must have a final grade of 90 or above in class
  • Recommendation from previous teacher.
  • Writing sample


  • Must maintain at least an 80 average.
  • If student’s 5 week average is below an 80, parent conference will be held.
  • If student’s average falls below an 80 again, student will be removed from class.
  • This will not apply to students in college level courses (AP, SUNYA, SUPA, PLTW)


The following policy on cheating, plagiarism and fraud is found in the GHS Student Handbook:

Cheating, Plagiarism and Fraud

Cheating, plagiarism and fraud are serious offenses. They include the use of unfair means to pass an examination, term paper, project, etc., giving aid to or obtaining aid from another person during an examination, and/or intentional misrepresentation of information and/or reported results.

A student found to be guilty of cheating on a test or exam shall have his/her examination confiscated, and his/her exam cancelled. In the case of cheating on a Regents exam, the student will be excluded from any subsequent state examinations until such time as the student has demonstrated by exemplary conduct and citizenship, to the satisfaction of the principal that he/she is entitled to restoration of that privilege. Cheating on homework, papers, quizzes, tests, and local final examinations will result in a grade of “zero” being given for that particular piece of work. This grade may NOT be made up.

Plagiarism is defined as stealing and passing off ideas or words of another as one’s own, that is, without crediting the source. Proven acts of plagiarism receive a grade of “zero” on a paper or a project. Any proven act of cheating, plagiarism, fraud, etc. shall result in the removal from and/or non consideration for membership in the National Honor Society.

In addition: In the case of cheating or plagiarism, any student in an Honors class will lose his/her Honors status by being moved to a non-honors course. If this is not possible due to scheduling issues, the student will lose the weighted Honors grade.

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