The purpose of this page is to:

  • Inform families of philosophical purpose of assessment in the district
    families on what logistical purpose assessment serves in each building. (what do we do vs. what we do not do)
  • Inform families of types of assessments used in each building in the district
  • Provide brief examples of each assessment

Assessment: Philosophical Purpose

An assessment is a form of measurement that allows us to:

  • gauge the effectiveness of our instruction, programs and resources.
  • make informed decisions about necessary changes to instruction, programs and resources.
  • have a “checkpoint” for student progress.
  • dialogue with teachers, administrators and community members about the impact of “best practices.”

Assessment: Logistical Purpose

Examples of a formative assessment are homework, projects quizzes, concerts, art shows. A formative assessment allows us to:

  • monitor instruction (timing, pacing)
  • make sure that we are working towards achieving learning standards.
  • provide guidance/feedback to students on progress.

What are assessments NOT used for?

Test information is NOT used for:

  • Teacher evaluation or scoring
  • Student placement in grades 3-7
  • A placement test is used for eighth grade honors courses. There are various metrics used for students in the high school for placement in honors or Advanced Placement courses including Regents exam scores. Individual appeals are always considered.

Have any changes been made to assessments in recent years?

In response to statewide concern over assessment practices, particularly at the 3-8 level, the state has responded by making the following changes:

  • No teacher accountability until teachers are properly trained on new standards and assessments. (currently 2019-20 school year)
  • Shortened test questions
  • Unlimited productive testing time.
  • Change in testing provider (Questar)

Types of assessments

There are many types of assessments, including:

  • Local, teacher derived assessments, such as classroom quizzes and tests, projects, art shows, concerts, and presentations
  • Common benchmark assessments – local building-derived assessment measures
  • Local placement tests and rubrics
  • State tests- 3-8 Math, ELA, Science tests and Regents exams
  • Advanced Placement tests


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