ADD/DROP for GHS Students

Once the school year begins, students have to remain in the courses on their schedule for the first two weeks of school. The exception to this would be if an error was made on the scheduler’s end. For example, a student is missing a required class or is in the wrong level class. 

Beginning with the third week of school (Monday, September 16 this year), students can obtain an Add/Drop form from their counselor. This form requires a detailed reason as to why the student wishes to drop the class, as well as a replacement class, if appropriate. The form must be signed by the student, the instructor(s) of the course and a parent/guardian.

Once the Add/Drop period begins, students will have two weeks to make the request and submit the required paperwork. The paperwork will then be taken to the Add/Drop Committee, and a determination will be made on a case-by-case basis. Once the two week Add/Drop period ends (Friday, September 27 this year), courses can no longer be dropped.

For second semester half year courses this school year, the Add/Drop period begins February 3 and ends that Friday, February 7. The same process applies.

There are exceptions to every rule and extenuating circumstances occur, so after the Add/Drop period ends, a student may still complete the paperwork and appeal to the Principal to have the request reviewed. If the request is approved at that point and the course in question is being taken for high school credit, the student will receive a “Withdrawal/Pass” or a “Withdrawal/Fail” on his/her high school transcript for the course in question.


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