Boulevard students battle it out in Hula Hoop Showdown

Fourth-graders at Boulevard Elementary School literally jumped through hoops in gym class getting a great workout and learning a valuable life lesson during a recent Hula Hoop Showdown.

picture of students engaging in rock, paper scissors gameThe showdown combines two childhood favorites: Rock, Paper, Scissors and hula hooping. Physical education teacher Stephanie Lott decided to try the fast-paced, high-energy twist on the classic games after seeing video of a “Hula Hop Showdown” that was posted on Facebook.

“It’s great game that is a lot of fun for students. They learn about teamwork,” said Lott. “It also teaches them about being able to let go, move forward and not dwell on losses or disappointments, which ideally is a concept that they could apply to real life situations.”

picture of students on the hula hoop course during the Hula Hoop ShowdownHow the Hula Hoop Showdown works

Students from four different teams competed in the showdown. Starting at opposite ends, two students from each team jumped from one hoop to the next as quickly as possible with the goal being to be the first to reach the other side of the hula hoop course that stretched across the gym floor.

Hopping toward each other, the students met face-to-face on the course and engaged in a sometimes intense game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. As one competitor advanced, the other stepped off the course and ran back to the starting line to allow a teammate to begin jumping. The new challenger then hopped onto the course in pursuit of the advancing player to prevent them from reaching the final hoop with another Rock, Paper, Scissors battle. The winner of that battle then advanced on the course, and the game continued.

picture of students engaged in rock, paper, scissors battle during hula hoop showdown in gym classThe hula hoop showdown lasted several rounds, until one of the fours teams accumulated the most wins and was declared the champion.

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