Capital Project Update

Construction, renovations work begins to wind down as new school year approaches

With the new school year quickly approaching, work crews are aiming to wrap up much of the construction and renovations that have been taking place at buildings across the Gloversville school district throughout the summer.

“It’s been a little hard to picture based on the presence of heavy machinery, mounds of dirt, and construction fence surrounding the middle school entrance – but our schools will be just as ready as we are to welcome back students on September 5,” said Superintendent David Halloran.

picture of new all-weather track surface coating with bleachers and press box in backgroundPhase I work resumed on the $37.8 million project in the spring and over the summer as the final touches were put on the all-weather track and the new tennis courts. The installation the synthetic turf field and improvements to the soccer and practice fields that began last year are complete. Grading of the new softball and baseball fields will wrap up in the fall, with both fields being ready for play in for the spring season.

Site work also continued at the middle school as reconstruction and resurfacing of parking areas and the bus loop to improve vehicle and pedestrian safety are now finishing up.

Phase II work at the elementary schools and Phase III work at the middle and high school got underway as classes came to an end in June.  While much of this work focused on upgrading mechanical systems (electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling and ventilation) some of the more noticeable improvements at the schools include masonry work, sidewalk and paving repairs; new windows and doors; lighting upgrades; and floor and ceiling tile replacement.

Phase II: Elementary Schools

picture exposed plumbing fixtures and tiles during bathroom demolition at Boulevard Elementary SchoolIn addition to upgrades to its heating and ventilation systems, new more energy-efficient windows have been installed throughout Boulevard Elementary School. There is new tile in the corridors and new lockers have been added in some hallways. As for site work, the old tennis and basketball courts were demolished, and the parking lots resurfaced. A new basketball court is being constructed, and aging walkways and ramps are being repaired.

Flooring in 14 Park Terrace classrooms has been replaced, and new cabinetry and new ceiling tiles are being installed. The tennis courts and old track have been removed to make way for additional parking and the field has received new sod.

Meanwhile at Kingsborough, the playground was expanded with new equipment, sidewalk repairs made and landscaping completed.

All Phase II work at the elementary schools is expected to be complete by September. Contractors will address any minor work that remains in the fall during the second shift, after the school day has ended, to prevent disruptions to learning.

Phase III: Gloversville Middle School, High School & Transportation Facility

A complete overhaul of mechanical systems is underway at Gloversville Middle School. The heating and ventilation systems are being replaced after 20 years in operation. Old lighting fixtures also are being replaced with more energy-efficient LED lights.

picture of ceiling deck, no tiles in middle school classroomIn the midst of this widespread work, school officials are cautioning students, staff, parents and visitors about the appearance of certain areas of the building where work will continue throughout the school year.

“We are asking for patience from students, staff, parents and visitors to the school as many classrooms and the main office will be without ceilings as the work progresses,” said Superintendent Halloran. “Visually, it’s not ideal, however, I want to emphasize that the spaces are safe and in good working condition.”

Replacing and upgrading to more energy-efficient systems will continue throughout the year, but will take place during the second shift and on school breaks to cause no disruption to educational programs.

At the high school, the nurse’s office is being renovated, with some mechanical work also being done in the technology room.

Work at the transportation building includes the construction of a new salt shed and installation of a new mechanical lift for vehicle maintenance. The parking area also is being expanded.

Much of the capital project work, approved by voters in November 2015, addresses aging infrastructure needs identified in the state-mandated building condition survey. Other renovations are geared toward improving safety and the learning environment. The project cost is covered by a combination of state building aid and district reserve funds, meaning there  is no additional impact on local taxes.

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