GHS students share original poetry via online journal

Acclaimed American poet Robert Frost described his craft this way: “Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.”

That is certainly the case for English 10 students whose thoughts and words united in the poems they wrote that appear in the 2018 online poetry journal compiled by Stephanie Alam’s class.

two students pictured together working on editing poetry for projectMany of her students chose to pen poems for extra credit and the opportunity to be published in this year’s journal following a comprehensive study of poetry in all its different forms during the school year.

The tenth-graders carefully crafted their words – and their own unique voice – in the poems they wrote and submitted to a committee of their peers for review. The committee then judged the poems based on merit and determined which verses to include in the anthology, Alam explained.

“I am continuously inspired and impressed by the level of commitment and passion that my students exhibit toward the genre of poetry,” she said. “This online poetry journal clearly reflects their skill and their motivation.”

Alam added that one of her students, John Stuart, whose poem was chose for the journal, commented that poetry was his favorite unit of study this year. “John said that he was proud to be able to show his poem to the world.”

two students pictured together collaborate on editing poems for projectThe students who served on the poetry review committee and worked with Alam to review, edit, type and prepare the student poems for publication include: Samantha Mercado, Kayla Nipper, Corrina Dingman, Steven Jepsen, Arianna Hayes, Breanna Hazzard, Dante Bouchard, Jaret Warner, Alic Sweet, John Stuart, Kersten Brockhum, and Sammijo Leon-Swank.

The students who penned poems that are published in the online journal are:

Dante Bouchard, Samantha Mercado, Corrina Dingman, Kersten Brockhum, Jaret Warner, Alic Sweet, John Stuart, Elizabeth Anderson, Nicholas Warner, Sammijo Leon-Swank, Preston Skaine, Austin Sanders, Breanna Hazzard, Feras Masri, Austin Lee Sanders, Savannah Lamont, and Cameron Steenburg.

View the 2018 poetry journal online

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