Code of Conduct

Boulevard Elementary School adheres to the Gloversville Enlarged School District Code of Conduct.

Assembly Procedures

Elementary children need continual guidance and direction while in the process of learning to be a good audience. This involves the observance of rules and conduce and attentive behavior before, during, and after an assembly program. We expect the children to enter and leave the gym/auditorium in a quiet, orderly fashion. Since children tend to reflect the expectations of their teacher, such procedures should be clearly understood by the students.

In general, the arrival of class groups should begin with the upper grades and continue with the primary, due to seating on the bleachers. All teachers should remain with their class.


Attendance will be noted each day on the attendance roster for each classroom and sent to the office. It will then be recorded on the School Tools computer system.


In the event that a child is injured within the school building or while playing outside, the teacher, aide or a responsible child should escort him/her to the nurse’s office. If the injury is of a serious nature, the nurse, aide should be notified. Do not move a seriously injured person.

Minor cuts and scratches may be taken care of by the classroom teacher. A supply of band aides are provided for each classroom.

After-school activities/enrichment

After-school activities are desirable and encouraged at Boulevard. For the convenience of both parents and teachers alike, the child should make the necessary arrangements prior to the day of the event. A note from home assures us that the nature of the activity is understood by the parents and that transportation has been arranged.


All bicycles must be kept in the bicycle rack in front of the school. It is suggested that bicycles be locked.

Classroom Parties

Parties in our school should be conducted with the same standards which relate to the other learning experiences in the school. Children should have the opportunity to grow in the sharing of responsibility of planning and executing these classroom parties. Typically, parties are held during the afternoon session for such holidays as Halloween, Christmas, St. Valentine’s Day, and other occasions which are deemed appropriate by the classroom teacher.

Discipline Policy

Our aim at Boulevard is to develop an atmosphere that is conducive for learning to occur. All teachers develop their own student management guidelines. If a student is sent to the office, the teacher and/or aide should make out a conduct report. Office discipline follows the District Code of Conduct.

Emergency Procedures

Go-Home-Drill: the central office will notify the district as to when this drill will be implemented. On that day, students will be dismissed fifteen minutes early, and they are to go straight home.

Fire Drill Regulations and Procedures:
  • The signal for afire drill is the bell ringing constantly.
  • Teachers will take their students out of the building.
  • Students will walk quickly and quietly out of the building.
  • Classrooms should have all windows and doors closed and lights out.
  • If a classroom is outside at the time of a fire drill, that class will stay with the teacher who is instructing the class.
  • Students in the main office, nurse’s office, and guidance office will go outside with either the guidance counselor or the nurse.
  • If students meet a hazard while trying to exit the building, they must quickly and quietly turn around and proceed to the nearest exit. They should take direction form their teacher.
  • Once outside, teachers must count students to be sure their whole class is with them, and bring their class roster. If a student is not accounted for the principal should be notified immediately.
  • Pupils are not to stop for jackets or coats.
  • If a student is moving form one area to another, he/she must be instructed to go out the nearest exit and find his/her class.

Parent Conferences

Parent conferences are used for reporting to parents during the first marking period. Parents should be encouraged to come in for these conferences. Our objective is to attain as close to 100 percent participation as is possible.

Parent contact is encouraged at any time there is something positive, as well as negative, to be brought to their attention. Telephone calls, conferences at school, or home visits are always better than a note sent home.

Personal Property

Any personal item that you have brought to school is done so at your own risk. Personal items are usually not on school inventories, and therefore, would be excluded in the general insurance coverage. Money should never be kept in classrooms or desks. Money collected for a particular reason at school should be locked in the office each night.

Releasing Children from School

Sometimes we realize that it is necessary to sign your child out for an appointment, however, signing your child out early on a regular basis is discouraged. Dismissal is a busy time. In order to ensure your child’s safety and ability to account for all children, early dismissals or changes to dismissal will not be allowed between 2:00 pm-2:55 p.m.


Smoking is not permitted on school grounds.


Teachers are responsible for the supervision of all children in the halls, and in the classrooms. A continual awareness for the safety of youngsters is of utmost importance to each faculty member.

Telephone Use

Students may use the phone only in the main office and with teacher permission.


Volunteers can serve in the local school to help children who need assistance and help provide enrichment and aid in other areas of the school and classroom operation. volunteers should be screened by the teachers/principal before helping a classroom. Regular volunteers must be approved by the Board of Education.

If you cannot access or are having trouble viewing any information in this format, please contact the district at (518) 775-5702, and a hard copy will be provided, if available.