District Mission, Vision, Goals

Gloversville Enlarged School District Mission Statement

The purpose of our school district is to forge a community partnership that challenges people to reach their full potential as life-long learners and productive citizens in a changing society.

Gloversville Enlarged School District Goals

The Gloversville School District has set the following academic targets for the school year:

  • Increase the graduation rate by 3 percent
  • Reduce course failures by 10 percent
  • Increase the number of students reaching proficiency on the New York State assessments and passing the Regents by 5 percent
  • Increase the number of students reading at or above grade level by 5 percent
  • Reduce the number of students with 15 or more absences by at least 10 percent

Gloversville Enlarged School District Vision

Our schools will equip all students (in grades K-12) to succeed at the highest levels, while building strong support for the collective belief that high school graduation is a key to lifelong success and personal achievement.

We will accomplish this by:

  • Seeking greater community and regional collaboration to maintain rich program offerings and more effective student services, while minimizing the burden on local taxpayers
  • Elevating student outcomes and improving graduation rates by demanding and nurturing greater leadership, quality teaching and personalized student support
  • Maintaining a wide array of strong education programs that integrate technology and enhance community participation at every school

Gloversville Enlarged School District Academic Objectives and District Initiatives

Emphasizing the development of reading, writing, speaking and problem solving skills, the district’s “Literacy Matters” initiative serves as a guide for all academic efforts as the district strives to increase the percentage of all students earning a high school diploma.