Physicals, Injuries, Insurance and Equipment

Sport Physicals

A sports physical will be given and approved by our school physician before a student is allowed to begin practice. A sports physical is good for one calendar year, and a student must have a completed health history form on file for each sport they participate in. Students may choose to have a sports physical through a private physician; however, school district forms must be completed by the physician and all cost incurred are the responsibility of the student.

Risk Factors in Sports

Participation in sports carries with it an inherent risk of injury. Before going out for a team, be aware of the risk of injury, especially in high energy and contact sports. Attention to pre-season and early season conditioning, and knowledge of the rules, skills and techniques of the sport are extremely helpful in reducing the risk of injury.

Injuries and Insurance

A student must report any injury to the coach immediately, no matter how slight the injury may be. Medical expenses resulting from any injury from interscholastic sports must first be submitted to your own insurance carrier and any remaining balance can be submitted to the school’s accident insurance carrier with a copy of payment of your own insurance carrier. Coaches will complete an accident report and submit it to the Athletic Office. A copy will be sent to the school nurse and business office.

Issuing School Clothing and Equipment

It is the responsibility of the athlete to return to the coach all clothing and equipment issued. Failure to do this will result in the athlete paying for the missing articles. Athletes not paying for the missing articles will forfeit their right to receive any school sports equipment or clothing in the next sport season, or be eligible for any certificate, pin, or letter. Five week reports, report cards, and or diplomas will be held in the main office. A list of violators will be sent to the Director of Athletics and Assistant Principal.