Student Searches and Storage

Student Searches and Interrogations

Any school official authorized to impose a disciplinary penalty on a student may question a student about an alleged violation of law or the district code of conduct. Students are not entitled to any sort of “Miranda” type warning, before being questioned by school officials, nor are school officials required to contact a student’s parent before questioning the student.

In addition, the Board authorizes the superintendent, building principals, the school nurse and district security official s to conduct searches of students and their belongings if the authorized school official has reasonable suspicion to believe that the search will result in evidence that the student violated the law or the district code of conduct.

Searches will be limited to the extent necessary to locate the evidence sought. Whenever practicable, searches will be conducted in the privacy of administrative offices and students will be present when their possessions are being searched.

Student Lockers, Desks and other School Storage Places

The rules in this code of conduct regarding searches of students and their belongings do not apply to student lockers, desks and other school storage places. Students have no reasonable expectation of privacy with respect to these places and school officials retain complete control over them. This means that student lockers, desks and other school storage places may be subject to search at any time by school officials, without prior notice to students and without their consent.

Police Involvement in Searches and Interrogations of Students

District officials are committed to cooperating with police officials and other law enforcement authorities to maintain a safe school environment. Police officials may enter school property or a school function to question or search a student or to conduct a formal investigation involving students only if they have:

  • A search or an arrest warrant; or
  • Probable cause to believe a crime has been committed on school property or at a school function; or
  • Been invited by school officials.