The use of technology at Gloversville Enlarged District is used to facilitate learning and communication by enabling our community to become proficient critical thinkers who can access, process, analyze, synthesize and evaluate information using a variety of technological media.

Belief Statements

GESD believes that:

  • Every student should have equal access to the development of skills and knowledge of technology throughout their school career.
  • Learning and technology are interrelated and they will mutually affect each other as they evolve. Knowledge and curriculum will drive technology.
  • Technology should be integrated into the classroom and curriculum so as to become an everyday aid to teaching and learning.
  • Teaching and learning is a human experience and technology can enhance the interaction of the teacher and learner.
  • The introduction and utilization of technology in the Gloversville Enlarged School District educational program will assist in the fulfillment of its mission.
  • Technology is a constantly evolving set of systems that requires maintaining relevance to the technological needs of society.
  • Ongoing staff development is required and serves as an integral component in integrating technology within teaching and learning.