The Gloversville Enlarged School District covers an area of 82 square miles. This includes the entire city of Gloversville as well as the Town of Bleecker and parts of the Town of Johnstown extending west to Johnson Avenue Extension and North Bush Road, East to Progress Road and Elmwood Avenue Extension at the Mayfield Town line and South as far as the Johnstown City line.

Busing for students in both the Gloversville Enlarged School District and the Greater Johnstown School District is coordinated by Hamilton-Fulton-Montgomery BOCES out of the Gloversville bus garage on Route 29A in Gloversville.

Transportation is available for students who live outside the city limits of Gloversville. Some students who live within the city limits — including students with special needs — are eligible for transportation. Parents should contact the Transportation Coordinator with questions.

HFM BOCES also transports students to several out of district schools, such as Mayfield, Johnstown, and Broadalbin-Perth.

Transportation Permission Slip

Shuttle Bus

All Shuttle Bus riders need to re-signup for the shuttle bus every year.
Shuttle riders do not carry over from year to year. Please return the sign-up form to your school’s main office by June 15. Sign-ups start now.

Summer cut off for signups so that transportation can begin on the first day of school will be 8/16/19. No additions will be made after that until 9/26/18.
You can also fax shuttle forms directly to the transportation office after the school year ends at 518-773-3278.

Important Reminders
I. Anyone eligible already for the door to door (traditional transportation) are
NOT eligible to sign up for the shuttle buses.2. Children who do not use the shuttle for 10 consecutive school days without
contacting the Transportation Department or your home school will be
removed from transportation.

Student Behavior

  • Students are expected to adhere to, and follow the same rules of conduct that apply in the school building.
  • Students are always expected to obey the driver and respond promptly to the driver’s instructions.
  • Students are to sit in their assigned seats.
  • Students should remain seated until the bus arrives at their stop, and the bus comes to a complete stop.
  • Switching seats while the bus in motion is not permitted.
  • Students must keep their hands to themselves and respect other students and their property.
  • Hitting and fighting on the bus will not be tolerated.
  • Students should avoid yelling and screaming, and should keep their voice to an appropriate volume.
  • Students will avoid using inappropriate language.
  • Eating food and drinking beverages is not allowed on the bus.
  • Students are expected to keep the bus clean.
  • Smoking, chewing tobacco and consuming alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the bus.
  • Students are expected to be on time when the bus comes.
  • After school students should be punctual in leaving the building.
  • If it is necessary that a student cross the street to board the bus, the student shall wait for a hand signal from the driver to cross, after the bus comes to a complete stop. The student should make sure to cross at least 10 feet in front of the bus.
  • Students should not extend any part of their bodies out of the
  • Students must not open or tamper with any of the emergency exits.
  • Students should not tamper with any bus equipment.
  • Any damaged equipment, including seats, may have to be paid for by the student.
  • Any pupil who violates school rules and regulations while riding the bus will be subject to bus suspension.
  • Do not exit the back of the bus unless directed by the driver.
  • Only students on the drive’s list are allowed to ride the bus.
  • Friends and relatives are not allowed to ride the bus.
  • No live animals are to be brought on the bus with the exception of service animals, i.e. seeing-eye dogs.
  • The use of any kind of aerosol spray or cologne is not permitted on the bus.

Riding the bus is a privilege. Anyone who does not conduct himself/herself properly will be denied the privilege of riding the bus. Students exhibiting poor behaviors on the bus can be removed at any time. School bus rules also apply to any activity or athletic trips. You can also contact the transportation garage at 518-775-5788 with any questions or concerns you may have.


Bus Routes

Each year, due to changing demographics, there may be a need for changes and adjustments in bus routes. Also, pick-up and drop-off times may change within the first few weeks of school, but as drivers establish their routes there should be few changes or delays throughout the year.

Please let the office know if there are any changes regarding your child. If they are not riding the bus or are riding only in the afternoon or the morning we need to be notified. As always for student’s safety, drivers are not authorized to go by notes handed to them by the student regarding drop off at another address. All such notes should go to the main office of your child’s school, and the school will notify the transportation department.

Monday- Friday 6:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday 9:00am-4:00pm


City Hall
S.Main & E.Pine St.
Forest Hill Towers
Gloversville 4 corners – Booth 3
Judson St. & Steele Ave
Walmart Super Center
Saratoga Blvd & Woodward AveArterial Plaza
Hannaford Plaza
Melchoir Park
Gloversville 4 corners – Chamber Corner
Price Chopper
Nathan Littauer Hospital
Overlook Ridge Apts.
Dubois Gardens Apts.

Gloversville City Bus Map

School Closings and Delays

The school will broadcast any school closings or delays on the following radio and television stations:

  • WENT 1340 AM
  • Channel 6 WRGB
  • Channel 10 WTEN
  • Channel 13 WNYT
  • Time Warner Cable News