School Counseling

Our mission as counselors and social workers at Gloversville Middle School is to deliver a comprehensive school counseling program that supports the individual needs of all students. With the support of parents, educators, administrators and community members we will inspire personal and academic growth, promote responsibility, cultural awareness and encourage a commitment to learning, leading to life-long success.

In order to support and build a strong relationship with students, counselors meet individually or in a group setting for counseling services. Below, you can find several examples of what Gloversville Middle School counselors and the school social worker provide.

Academic support:
  • Help improve the academic success of all students by monitoring academic progress and working with the teacher, student, student based support teams and families to identify strategies to improve performance for struggling students.
  • Help each student build a schedule and select courses that challenge them academically and meet their post-secondary goals.
  • Work with students individually or in groups to develop study, organizational and test-taking skills.
Social/emotional support
  • Teach decision-making abilities and help develop self-confidence to help students make positive decisions.
  • Provide coping strategies for students who have undergone some element of stress or tragedy.
  • Work with students to resolve conflict and create positive peer relationships.
  • Help students with behavioral issues, find success in the classroom.
  • Assist students with interpersonal struggles such as anxiety
  • The Gloversville Middle School Support Team monitors interventions for students who are displaying social/emotional difficulties or academic concerns.
Family support
  • Communicate with parents and provide strategies to use at home to help students find academic success in school.
  • Serve as a liaison between the school and community agencies to assist parents in obtaining needed services.
Transition support
  • Work with elementary school counselors to help students have a successful transition to 6th grade.
  • Work with high school counselors to help students have a successful transition to 9th grade.