Gloversville Middle School Menu

Breakfast and lunch are free for students in the Gloversville Enlarged School District regardless of family income.

During the regular school year breakfast is served daily from 7:30-7:55 a.m. at Gloversville Middle School. When there is a two-hour delay, no breakfast is served.

Menus are posted to this page at the start of each month during the school year.

June Menus

Everyday Breakfast: Toast, cereal, juice or fruit, milk choices

  • 6/3/19:  Breakfast: Whole grain banana muffin
    Lunch: Cheese pizza, green beans
  • 6/4/19:  Breakfast: Whole grain breakfast pizza
    Lunch: Chicken and gravy with whole grain biscuit, mashed potato
  • 6/5/19:  Breakfast: whole grain croissants with toppings,
    Lunch: Toasted cheese sandwich on whole wheat, tomato soup
  • 6/6/19:  Breakfast:  Whole grain Dutch waffle
    Lunch: Teriyaki chicken, broccoli, whole grain breadstick
  • 6/7/19:  Breakfast: Colby cheese omelette and toast
    Lunch:  Double cheeseburger on a whole grain bun, veggie beans
  • 6/10/19:  Breakfast: Whole grain pancake
    Lunch: cheese pizza, broccoli
  • 6/11/19:  Breakfast: yogurt, granola, whole grain toast
    Lunch: Chicken patty on whole grain bun, veggie beans
  • 6/12/19:  Breakfast: chocolate chip muffin
    Lunch: grilled chicken salad, cucumbers with dip, whole grain breadstick
  • 6/13/19:  Breakfast: Dutch waffle
    Lunch: mac and cheese, corn, whole grain breadstick
  • 6/14/19:  Breakfast: egg and cheese on whole grain croissant
    Lunch: ribwich on a whole grain bun, veggie beans
  • 6/17/19:  Breakfast: blueberry muffin
    Lunch: cheese pizza, broccoli
  • 6/18/19:  Breakfast: sausage, egg and cheese on a whole grain bun
    Lunch: meatballs and pasta, green beans, whole grain breadstick
  • 6/19/19:  Breakfast: bagel with toppings
    Lunch: chicken fajita on tortilla, corn
  • 6/20/19:  Breakfast: Chocolate chip muffin
    Lunch: BBQ pulled pork on whole grain bun, veggie beans
  • 6/21/19:  Breakfast: whole grain cinni mini
    Lunch: Turkey hot dog on a whole grain bun, carrots,watermelon, chips
  • 6/24/19:  Breakfast: muffin
    Lunch: turkey and cheese sandwich on whole wheat, cucumbers with dip
  • 6/25/19:  Breakfast: muffin
    Lunch: ham and cheese sandwich on whole wheat, broccoli with dip
  • 6/26/19: Breakfast: cereal and toast
    Lunch: turkey and cheese sandwich, carrots

Daily Lunch Alternatives

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich, chef salad w/whole grain roll, tuna sandwich, turkey sandwich

Available Daily

Milk variety, fruit assortment,fresh fruits
vegetables, condiments

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