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Originally passed in 2014, the Smart Schools Bond Act issuance $2 billion of general obligation bonds to improve educational technology and infrastructure to improve learning and opportunities for students throughout the State. The purpose of the Smart Schools Bond Act is to improve learning and opportunity for public and nonpublic school students by funding capital projects to:

1. Install high-speed broadband or wireless internet connectivity for schools and communities;

2. Acquire learning technology equipment or facilities, including but not limited to interactive whiteboards, computer servers, and desktop, laptop, and tablet computers;

3. Construct, enhance, and modernize educational facilities to accommodate prekindergarten programs and to provide instructional space to replace classroom trailers; and/or

4. Install high-tech security features in school buildings and on school campuses, including but not limited to video surveillance, emergency notification systems, and physical access controls.

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2020 Smart Classroom Learning Technology