Clothing/Book Give-Bac

give backgive backgive backgive backgive backgive backgive backAfter a short hiatus, we're thrilled to announce the return of our beloved GESD Staff Clothing/Book Give-Back event for its second year! 💫

Generously donated clothing and books poured in from our dedicated GESD Staff over weeks and months leading up to the event, showcasing our community's incredible generosity. 📚👕

This year's event, masterfully organized by Luke Horton, 4th Grade Teacher at Boulevard, and Jennifer Lemery, High School Math Teacher, saw widespread support from staff members across our buildings, along with the invaluable assistance of student volunteers from Key Club and Junior National Honor Society. 👏

We're thrilled to share that everything on offer was available to the Gloversville Community at no charge! 🎁

Over 60% of the donated items found new homes, while the remainder was lovingly donated to the Community Helpers Store, a local non-profit providing clothing to community members in need at little to no cost. 💖

Thank you to everyone who contributed and participated in making this event a resounding success! Your kindness and compassion continue to make a meaningful difference in our community. 🌟 #GESDCommunity #GiveBack #MakingADifference