Local artist visits Boulevard

Local artist and art teacher Cheryl Bielli illustrated the children’s book The Boy Who Never Threw Anything Out which is coming soon; it will be available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, IndieBound, and the Crave Press website.

In rhyming prose, Tommy’s parents help him realize the solution lies in donating toys and clothes to others and recycling what can’t be reused. The story teaches important lessons in giving and sustainability with humor and wacky, over-the-top scenes. Colorful, comical illustrations will delight children and charm adults, especially those with their own packrat in the family. A hidden-picture page at the end allows readers to find concealed objects among Tommy’s clutter. 

Cheryl visited Boulevard Elementary on Thursday to share her illustrations, process, and inspiration with Mrs. Gutta's art classes. She walked the students through each illustration and explored how literacy and art overlap as part of our "Read Across America" initiative. The students also got to draw their own Tommy!