Gloversville’s SchoolTool Parent Access Portal

Parents of Gloversville High School students and Gloversville Middle School students can sign up to view their child’s attendance record, grading information and schedule, on-line through the Parent Access Portal. *Please note that this service is only available to parents and/or legal guardians of high school or middle school students. Link directly to School Tool

How do I sign up?

Download and complete a registration form or visit the Central Registrar’s office in the GMS Central Administration campus to fill out the form. Questions? Contact 518-775-5700, ext. 9722.

After I sign up, how do I access the Parent Portal?

As soon as your form is processed (within 5-7 business days), you will receive an email with your log-in information.

How do I use the Portal?

Once you’ve logged in to the portal, click on the “My Home” tab and then on the “Grades” tab to access the reports.

In the drop down menu, select “Progress Report Grades” to see the interim comments for each class. In the same drop down menu, choose “Marking Period Average” to see an up-to-date grade for each class.

Can I use the Parent Portal on my phone, tablet or other device?

Yes; there is an app that can be downloaded from the App Store for Apple products or GooglePlay for Android devices.

What if I forget my password?

If you forget your password there is no need to call the school! Just go to sign in to SchoolTool and type in your username (the entire e-mail address that you have on file at the school) and click the login button. Then click the “New User or Forgot password?” link, enter your e-mail address in the screen to the right, click submit and you will be emailed a new password.