We're hiring

Position: 3 Sr. Food Service Helpers (6 hrs./day)

5 Food Service Helpers (5.75 hrs./day)
Substitute Food Service Helpers (hrs. vary)

Effective: ASAP
Interested, qualified applicants should send a letter of intent to:

Greg Nalewjka
Food Service Director
234 Lincoln St.
Gloversville NY 12078
Or Greg.Nalewjka@gesdk12.org

Letters should be received no later than 3 PM on Friday, September
15, 2023. EOE.
First consideration will be given to those individuals currently
employed by the District. If qualified applicants are not available,
candidates outside of the District will be considered.

Please post September 7 through September 15, 2023
(As per agreement between school district and bargaining unit)