Districts plans for warm weather this week


Good Afternoon:

Gloversville Enlarged School District administration has been monitoring the approaching heat wave. It has been determined that we will remain open all day for the school on Tuesday, June 18th, and Thursday, June 20th. (Due to the Juneteenth holiday, there is no school on June 19th.)  While we do not have air conditioning available in all school buildings at this time, (air conditioning will be provided to some degree in all buildings next school year) we have made adjustments to our physical education classes, end-of-year field day events, and Regents testing to ensure the safety of scholars and staff during the present heat wave.  

We are utilizing as many air-conditioned spaces as possible for Regents testing and will be blowing air-conditioned air into the high school gymnasium from the adjacent weight room all night and throughout the day. We are confident that these testing locations will be comfortable enough, that the heat will not be a distraction.  We will also have cold bottled water on hand.  

Our Middle School has air conditioning throughout and will run as normal. Our three elementary schools will be providing cold water and large fans to circulate the air and physical activities will be limited.   

We are aware that some school districts have decided to close early tomorrow and Thursday, however, we do not think that is in the best interest of our scholars and families.  The district will provide breakfast and lunch as always, along with plenty of cold-water hydration and constructive supervision during the warmest part of the days.  We also believe there will be plenty of mental and social stimulation to ensure the days are safe and enjoyable for our children.  

Thank you for your continued trust and support as we wind down the 2023/24 school year.  

David Halloran